Thursday, August 11, 2011

Extend the life of your chimney!

These days, it's becoming more common for people to cut corners in their spending habits to save as much money as possible. Things like smaller budgets, eating meals at home as much as we can, and even home haircuts are becoming more prevalent with each passing day. So many of us are using search engines for the terms "DIY," or "how to," and we're attempting to be living breathing sponges - soaking up and absorbing as much information as possible in order to function easily and cheaper on our own accord, as opposed to seeking professional solutions.

Usually, we'd deem these efforts "frugal," "smart," or even, "necessary."

                                      But when it comes to your chimney, don't be fooled.

Periodic chimney cleanings are absolutely essential to keeping a healthy chimney in your home. If you use your chimney often, regular yearly cleanings are necessary. Failure to have this done will result in a gradual build-up of creosote (hard-layered residue from the smoke), originating in the flue, which can catch fire.

This is not a DIY project; you need to hire a professional to clean your chimney for you.

Currently, Powers Chimney & Masonry offering a Care Package to extend the life of your chimney.

The service includes:

- Yearly cleaning ($100 value)
- 1 Chimney Cap ($140 value)
- Yearly Water Treatment ($250+ value)
- De-moss if needed
- 10% off any repairs

- Small easily accessible chimney: $300/ year or $25/ month
- Medium chimney: $500/ year or $41.67/ month
- Large or multiple chimneys: $750/ year or $62.50/ month (restrictions may apply)

Call (360) 691-9828 today to schedule your free estimate.

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