Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Chimneys and Masonry: It's what we do!!!

Here in the Pacific Northwest, we've had a rather chilly summer. However, we're now experiencing some days of sun that allow us to move dinner outside on the deck, barbeque instead of bake, and entertain company on our patios instead of in the living room.

There is still plenty of time to enjoy a freshly designed and implemented walkway or patio, and our crew is the perfect fit for helping you realize the potential of your property!

Pictured at the left is an example of a concrete patio and stonework that our crew finished for a customer in June. The light columns are completed with El Dorado stone, finished with a dry stack. (A dry stack is stone work that does not contain mortar in the joints of the stack. It presents a clean look, and is very appealing to the eye).

Pictured to the right is a fire pit, concrete benches and lighting all put in by our crew in April.
Masonry is individual units (most typically, brick or stone), laid and traditionally held together by mortar.

Pictured at the left is an example of masonry work on the front of a home.
Check out our "Why Masonry?" page on our website for more information regarding masonry.  

Pictured to the right is a complete chimney rebuild that was finished by our crew in July of this year. This particular job included tearing down and hauling away the old chimney, approxmiately a 300-brick replacement, new chimney cap, new tiles, and counter flashing.  

For a complete list of services we offer, please see our website.

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