Monday, August 22, 2011

Don't be a statistic; schedule your chimney cleaning & inspection NOW!

It's a bit chilly out this morning!

I know when I left the house this morning to come into the office, I made sure I had a nice, hot cup of coffee to accompany me. The gray skies and cooler-than-usual breeze made me instantly think about warm beverages and bundling up.

Most of us have those trains of thought as soon as the skies begin to turn to gray on a consistent basis here in the Pacific Northwest. Generally, we like to be cozy and comfortable at home during these colder months which are upon us. One simple thing that we turn to in order to keep those warm feelings could be detrumental if we don't care for it, though - our fireplaces.

According to the US Fire Administration, 86% of residential building heat fires are attributed to confined heating sources (chimneys, flues, fuel boxes, or boilers).* 
It may not be common knowledge, but it ought to be.

That statistic is staggering, especially considering the fact that we generally have mild to moderate winter climates here in the Pacific Northwest. But don't be fooled. Don't think that chimney you use occasionally in the winter months doesn't need to be cleaned as often as any other chimney: all chimneys should be cleaned and inspected on an annual basis to keep their working condition safe and hazard-free.

 Before you go to light that fireplace for the first time this season, call today at (360) 691-9828 to schedule your annual chimney sweeping and inspection! (This is NOT a DIY project. See our blog post on chimney fire prevention for more information.

Also, for all blog followers, we have a limited time offer of 10% off any chimney cleaning! (This means you must click the "Follow" link on the upper left hand side of your screen, and the blog reader will prompt you to input your google account information so you can be added to our list of followers). This offer is only available for blog followers from August 19th - August 26th, 2011.

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