Friday, February 17, 2012

Proven Craftsmanship

Here at Powers Chimney & Masonry, LLC, our priority is your safety and comfort. We're a company that is devoted to our clients all the time, in any season.

Our technicians have been working diligently to provide superior service to our clients.

Below are some recent pictures of our chimney and masonry work:


Chimney (Roofline Up) Before 1
Chimney (Roofline Up) Before 2
Chimney (Roofline up) After

Chimney needing help before 1
Chimney needing help before 2 (counter flashing)
Chimney no longer needing help! After 1
Chimney no longer needing help! After 2

These are just a few examples of our proven craftsmanship. Let Powers Chimney and Masonry be your contractor of choice, and you'll experience the best service, from our office staff to our technicians.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Dryer Vents Really DO Eat Socks!

Yes, the old adage of "the dryer eats socks," actually does have some truth to it.

Photo courtesy

A few weeks ago, we got an inquiry from a customer who mentioned that it was taking him up to 5 dryer cycles to get a small load of laundry dry. We scheduled an appointment to come out and clean it for him, and found about half a dozen socks in the dryer vent, and enough lint to stop it up!

The client was very thankful that we were able to take care of the problem for him, and mentioned twice that he was so thankful that we cleaned his dryer vent, because he was certain that we prevented a fire, and made it possible for him to dry a load of clothes in less than an hour - something he'd not experienced since purchasing the home!

Here at Powers Chimney & Masonry, LLC, our priority is your safety. Read more about dryer vent cleaning on our website or call us to schedule a dryer vent cleaning!