Friday, October 28, 2011

Average: To Be Or Not To Be?

According to the Komo Forecast, we've had a fairly "normal" month as far as weather goes. The unusual part of this past week was obviously 3 days of sunshine. (We're not going to see a 4th day, according to their site). Additionally, we're going to see some wind gusts in the Puget Sound area.

The question to ask yourself at this point is simple, "Is my masonry/ chimney up to the test of a change in weather?"

Sometimes, you don't notice a problem with your masonry or the structural integrity of your chimney until the weather has already damaged it. It's free to schedule an estimate with Powers Chimney & Masonry, LLC, if you know you need something done in the way of repairs or rebuilding.

We also can schedule a 20-point safety inspection for you (call for pricing).

You don't want to have a "just average" chimney during the winter months. You want to be sure that it's built for stability and endurance, as well as ensuring that it's properly maintained.

Call Powers Chimney & Masonry, LLC today to schedule a cleaning, inspection, and/or estimate (360) 691-9828.

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