Monday, December 5, 2011

Tis The Season...

" be jolly! Fa-la-la-la-la la-la-la-la!"

But boy, oh boy - does that frosty weather make us chilled to the bone! It's hard to be jolly when it's so cold outside, isn't it? The Weather Channel app on my computer shows 21 degrees Fahrenheit this morning at the office. Yikes! Time to bundle up and get cozy with slippers and a warm fire!

Before you light your fire, as yourself 3 very important questiosns:

1) When was the last time my fireplace was cleaned and inspected?
- If the answer is anything over a year (regardless of how often it's used), or that you don't know, it needs to get done before you light a fire. It's the best and safest way to warm your home.

2) If I haven't lit a fire for awhile, why is that?
- Sometimes, we stay away from comforts when they are problematic - like fireplaces. Maybe you've had smoke coming in your home, or you know there's a dead flue that needs to be dealt with. You can't really comfortably use that fireplace until those things are handled.

3) Is it important to me to use my fireplace?
- A high percentage of us would say yes! The Hearth, Patio and Barbeque Association reported in 2006 that fireplaces are utilized approximately 32 times per year (22 in the winter season!) Got a woodstove? Those averaged usage at 108 times (57 in the winter season!) You're getting the most use out of your stove or fireplace during the winter, hands-down.

So, what does this all mean for you?

First, call to schedule your annual chimney cleaning & inspection. We'll be able to take care of any creosote build-up, ash, etc. Additionally, if you need improvement or repairs, we'll write up a free estimate for you, and go over it thoroughly with you.

Second, don't put this off! Obviously, based on the statistics aforementioned, you're going to need that fireplace - especially when it's as cold as it is outside today! We've got an Air Stagnation Advisory in effect here until 11am this morning - that means, pollution will be hanging around and it will be hard to have a good air quality in the Puget Sound Region until it warms up a bit. You'll want to be warm and cozy inside!

Last, we want you to be safe. We're currently running a special for this reason: With any cleaning scheduled this week, we'll give you our 20-point safety inspection free of charge.

Call us today! (360) 691-9828

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