Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Before & After - What We Can Do For You

Brrr, it's definitely a chilly morning in the Pacific Northwest! Here in Arlington, the temperature dipped to below freezing last night.

This weather is not going to get any warmer. It's best not to delay any home improvement projects that have to do with keeping your home cozy and warm - especially those that have to do with your fireplace and masonry.
Dave F. Before #1

Dave F. Before #2
Here is an example of some work we did for Dave F. earlier this month.

Note the roof flashing especially in the left picture. It's basically rotting away, and rusting. This is bad news bears for any masonry work. Moisture is the silent killer of masonry. There's no faster way to have major damage to your chimney, fireplace and home than to let a project like this go. Dave called us, and we were able to save a great deal of trouble for the future by simply replacing the roof flashing. This will prevent moisture damage, keep the heat in better, and most of all protect the integrity of the masonry on his chimney.

Here is what his chimney looked like when we were finished:
Dave F. After #1
Dave F. After #2
Note the flashing looks consistent, clean and dry. There is no more rust or wear, and the masonry is fully protected. Now, the flashing works with the chimney instead of against it. A vast difference from what was there before!

The next example is of a complete rebuild and tuck-pointing work that we did for Debbie N.
Debbie N. Before #1
As you can see, these two chimneys Debbie had were in a state of disrepair. There's moss, a lot of wear and tear on the grout, and evidence of efflorescence.
Debbie N. Before #2

In order to get these chimneys into proper working order ASAP, we had to first take care of the moss and efflorescence problems. Then, we did a rebuild on the chimney that was beyond repair, and did tuck-pointing on the other one to repair the grout that was severely hindered by a lack of proper care.

Here are the results of our work:

Debbie N. After #2
The chimney was cleaned, tuck-pointed and also had a new cap installed. As you can see, it looks a lot healthier than it did before! The life of the masonry work will also be extended due to the work we did on the chimney.

Says Debbie of our work: "The technician was very calm, helpful and polite. Great crew, great work, and everyone was very nice. I had a good experience! Everything looks fine from the ground."

Is your chimney or masonry work reflecting some of the problem areas as pictured in the "Before" shots in this blog post? Are you not sure if your chimney is ready to stand the test of winter? Call us today to schedule a free estimate. Our technicians will tell you exactly what needs to be done, how much it will cost and exactly why the work needs to be done. If you want, you can also schedule a 20-point safety inspection instead ($50), and we'll be able to give you an estimate for repairs from the safety inspection. If you schedule the work with us, we'll refund your $50 20-point safety inspection fee.

Don't wait until you're already cold, and your masonry is falling apart. Call us today. (360) 691-9828.

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