Wednesday, November 9, 2011

1st Annual Company BBQ

As Powers Chimney & Masonry, LLC celebrated our first anniversary last week, we got together for a company BBQ on Saturday.

We had a blast celebrating together!

One of the fun activities we did was an "Iron-Man Competition." Any of our crew who wanted to participate could do so.

This is Ryan, hauling a wheelbarrow full of concrete. (1st step of the Iron-Man Competition.)

Here's Kyle, hauling two buckets of bricks (2nd step of the Iron-Man competition).

Scott definitely got props for enginuity! He put the two buckets of bricks on the wheelbarrow's handles!

Here's a closer view of Scott with his master idea.
This is my (Kimi's) husband, Robert. He definitely doesn't do this for a living, but he gave it his best shot!
Rohn, from CAMP, giving the Iron-Man Competition a 100% effort.

Here's Steve, our General Manager, hauling that wheelbarrow back to the finish line!

This is Steve and Daisy, his wife.
Kyle was officially declared our winner!!! To the right of him is Zack, our Owner/ Operator.

We had a blast cooking out, too! Michelle, Zack's fiance, is on the right.

Just thought we'd share some pictures from our fun-filled Saturday with our readers. :) Thanks for being a part of our very successful first year in business!

Pictures courtesy of Laurie Williams.

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