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Fun Facts about Masonry

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The art of Masonry is the creation of structures that are bound together from individual pieces stone, brick or other materials. Masonry also refers to a finished structure like a patio, fire pit or driveway that results from the combined building components. Common masonry materials include brick, stone, marble, granite, limestone, concrete blocks, or even stamped concrete. The most distinctive part of masonry is the handcrafted patterns on the materials.

Interesting Facts About Masonry

·         Many of the world’s significant architectural achievements were built with masonry
·         Masonry is resistant to fire, earthquakes and sound
·         The skill and precision of masonry can never be replaced by machines
·         Architects and builders choose masonry for its beauty, originality, versatility and durability
·         Brick is man’s oldest manufactured product. Sun-baked clay bricks were used in buildings over 6,000 years ago.
·         When exposed to fire, masonry does not burn, melt, twist or warp
·         Masonry is the most environmentally-friendly building system available
·         Because it is a natural insulator, masonry requires less insulation than other building systems
·         Masonry materials come in hundreds of colors and decorative finishes.
·         Over 70% of the buildings in the world are built of masonry
·         Masonry will not decay or rot if exposed to mold
·         The Great Pyramid of Giza is over 5,000 years old and uses 2,300,000 blocks of stone

Masonry Examples

To see actual examples of masonry work, visit our portfolio of chimney and masonry work.

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